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About PowerStock

PowerStock designs, builds and maintains large-scale agricultural biomass supply chains for bioenergy. From the initial project scoping and feasibility to a full-scale feedstock supply chain development and implementation process, PowerStock is uniquely positioned to bring the experience and expertise required to provide a bankable feedstock solution.

PowerStock brings a 25-year history of developing and operating large-scale supply chain solutions for biomass feedstock providers in the domestic and export feed and forage industry. Our management was instrumental in building the annual 600,000 ton Oregon grass straw export industry and more broadly the western US hay industry, which demanded supply chains anticipating those needed today for bioenergy facilities.

Pacific Ag Solutions, our affiliate company, operates the largest agricultural residue harvesting company in the US. This experience in building long-term successful grower relationships and in developing the best harvest, equipment operations and utilization, and storage and logistics practices is now targeted to the growing domestic market for agricultural biomass for bioenergy.

PowerStock is a privately held limited liability corporation headquartered in Oregon.


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March 2011 Biomass Magazine - "Supply Chain Champs". When it comes to harvesting, collecting, storing and transporting agricultural biomass, PowerStock has decades of experience. By Anna Austin.


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