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Grower Subscription and Contract Management

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With its many years and millions of tons of agricultural residue and hay harvest and aggregation experience, PowerStock brings a commensurate amount of experience with grower relationships and in developing successful grower integration practices. For PowerStock, the grower is our first customer.

No long-term, sustainable agricultural biomass feedstock supply chain can exist without the strong support of a network of growers. This is about sweating the small stuff like making sure when PowerStock comes on to a grower’s field that we treat it as if it were our own. It’s also about the big stuff, like making sure that growers feel their participation in a residue program has fair economic benefits and properly aligned incentives without jeopardizing their land’s long-term productivity. We have learned how to balance these issues successfully over the last 25 years.

Building a large scale, dedicated supply chain for a commercial facility is really about building long-term community support that is backed and guided by the right legal framework. However, despite what your lawyer might argue, the contractual bond is a distant second to the practical, working relationship that must be repeatedly earned every season and must be grounded by mutual respect, and clear, regular communication (often best when combined with coffee and pie).

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