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The Fleet: Power to Get the Job Done!

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The Fleet

PowerStock is the country’s largest, most experienced harvest and aggregation company of agricultural residue. We already own and operate the largest fleet of equipment in the industry.

Our base of operations is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest where we operate year round. PowerStock has the capability to scale up to harvest 10,000 tons or 700,000 tons. By matching our year around harvest schedule to yours, we can fit the fleet and the expertise you need into your schedule with competitive pricing and surprising flexibility. We bring the expertise and knowledge but also the ability to utilize our production assets in many regions of the country, lowering the equipment costs for your project.

We can deploy the right amount of equipment providing the right power to get the job done within harvest deadlines. Following the harvest of our growers’ primary crops - such as corn or wheat - we pace our equipment to be right behind their combines but in front of their cultivation schedule. Energy crop placement and harvest is, likewise, met with the right resources to fit planting and harvest windows.

For more information please contact Harrison Pettit: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 503-209-2402.